PDSA Pet Aid

What is PDSA Pet Practice Service

Wern Vets Is a PDSA Pet Practice Service

Could you afford your vet's bills if your pet was sick or injured?

Eligible For FREE Veterinary Treatment?

If you receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit means-tested help with your rent or Council Tax and live within a PDSA PetAid Practice catchment area, your pet might be eligible for FREE treatment funded by leading veterinary charity PDSA.

Visit the PDSA website to find out if you qualify.

Register With the PDSA Today!

It is important that you register with PDSA before your pet needs treatment.

If you do not hold a valid certificate at the time that treatment is required, you will be charged for any veterinary services your pet receives.

To register visit one of our veterinary practices at Ruthin, Denbigh, Abergele or Bala and ask for a PDSA Pet Practice Service application form.

As of January 2012 we will also be able to receive PDSA applications for postcode areas LL24-LL27. Forms will be available from our Llanrwst practice.

Complete the form and return to us with a £7.50 postal order and photocopies of the required proofs.

Wern Vets will sign and send the application to the PDSA for processing.



To join a PDSA fund raising group contact them today 0800 854 194.


You can make a donation to the PDSA at your local PDSA Pet Practice Service practice or by visiting their website.

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