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For the active immunisation of cattle to reduce the intensity and duration of the clinical respiratory signs induced by an infection with BHV1 and to reduce nasal excretion of field virus.

Onset of immunity

An increase in immunity has been demonstrated 4 days after intranasal vaccination and 14 days after intramuscular vaccination of 3 month old seronegative animals.

Duration of immunity

After intranasal administration to 2 week old calves without maternal antibodies, immunity lasts at least until the age of 34 months, when the animals should be revaccinated. In the presence of maternally derived antibodies, the protection of the vaccine may not be complete until this revaccination.

Revaccination at 34 months of age results in protective immunity that lasts for at least 6 months.

Single intranasal or intramuscular vaccination of 3 months old animals provides protective immunity (reduction of clinical signs and reduction of viral excretion), which has been demonstrated via challenge 3 weeks after vaccination. Reduction of viral excretion is maintained for at least 6 months after single vaccination.

Dosage and administration

Dosage: a single dose of 2 ml reconstituted vaccine per animal.

For intranasal or intramuscular administration.

Reconstitute the vaccine immediately before use with Unisolve (10 ml per 5 doses). Inject a few ml of solvent into the vaccine vial and shake gently until the vaccine pellet is completely dissolved. Then transfer the concentrated vaccine to the rest of the solvent and mix well.

Method of administration

from the age of 3 months onward: intranasal or intramuscular.

at an age between 2 weeks and 3 months: intranasal

For intranasal administration (1 ml in each nostril), the use of a nozzle is recommended.

Vaccination schedule

Basic vaccination

Vaccinate each animal with one single dose.


When the first vaccination is given between the age of 2 weeks and 3 months, the animals should be revaccinated with a single dose at the age of 34 months. To maintain immunity, revaccinate every 6 months.

When vaccination is started after the animals are 3 months old, to maintain immunity the animals should be revaccinated with a single dose every 6 months.

When Bovilis IBR Marker live is administered concurrently with Bovilis Bovipast RSP, the products must not be mixed.

Use sterile vaccination equipment free from disinfectants. To prevent the spread of any infective agents, the intranasal equipment should be changed at each animal.

Can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

The presence of maternal antibodies can influence the efficacy of the vaccination. To assess the likely benefit of early vaccination in an individual, it is therefore recommended to ascertain the immune status of calves before vaccination is started

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