10 deadly sins of Christmas

10 Deadly Sins

1. Mistletoe: Highly toxic to dogs. Can cause heart failure, coma and death

2. Poinsetta : Poisonous to cats .Causes mouth irritation, stomach upsets.

3. Turkey : Left over turkey, especially bones and carcass can give your pet diarrhoea, cause vomiting and even obstruction in the intestine.

4. Chocolate : Small quantities are HIGHLY TOXIC to dogs. Ingestion can cause epileptic fits, coma and death.

5. Calla Lilly : FATAL to dogs and cats. Stomach upset, seizures and death if eaten.

6. Antifreeze : Very palatable and highly poisonous to cats and dogs. Ingestion can cause in-coordination, rapid breathing and kidney failure.

7. Christmas Rose : Toxic to dogs and cats. Stomach upset, diarrhoea and convulsions.

8. Batteries : Highly dangerous if swallowed because of lead poisoning – causing gastrointestinal and neurological damage.

9. Alcohol : Fatal to dogs and cats. Ingestion can cause in coordination, collapse and death.

10. Toys and Christmas wrapping : Small toys can be chewed and cause a foreign body in the intestine. Ribbon used to wrap presents can also be chewed and swallowed causing lacerations to the tongue and even obstruction in the intestine. Cats seem to love Christmas Ribbon

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