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Wide Range of Veterinary Services

We offer a wide range of services for pets of all shapes and sizes and we try to cater for as many aspects of pet ownership as possible.

It is our aim to have our patients healthy, fit and happy in all aspects of life. To enable us give your animals the best possible care we are continually investing in new equipment and training for our vets and nurses.

Veterinary Equipment

Our equipment includes modern X ray machines. Ultrasound, ECG, Pulse oximetry, haematology and biochemistry analysers, and orthopaedic equipment which enable us to deal with all but the most complicated of conditions that we encounter.

Specialist Referral Centres

Where necessary we are happy to refer cases to specialist referral centres for more advanced treatments and we have good working relationships with a large number of such centres.

Where the services of such centres are beyond the financial or logistical means of a client we will often take on very complicated procedures provided we can do this with a reasonable chance of success and without compromising the welfare of the patient.

Special Needs?

If you have any special needs that aren't being catered for by our practice, please let us know as we are always keen to expand and improve our service.

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