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On the basis of up to date information on some of our clients’ herds derived from Interherd files and NMR / CIS CDL files we are in the process of compiling anonymous league tables so that their performance can be compared to other herds in the area. The aim is that this process should help to highlight where improvements are possible.

The first step has been to collate and compare fertility records. Click Here

Fertility performance is shown in terms of:

Submission Rates indicating efficiency of picking up and inseminating bulling cows,.

Pregnancy Rates indicating how well cows conceive to service and retain the pregnancy until pregnancy diagnosis

Percentage of cows that become pregnant by 100 days post calving and percentage of cows that are still not pregnant by 200 days after calving.

In order to get some sort of handle on the percentage of cows that may be culled as a result of failure to get in calf we estimate the culling due to infertility to equal half the cows that aren’t in calf by 200 days post calving.

By attributing financial values to conception rates, calving to conception intervals and culling due to infertility we then calculate a score (‘wernvets fertex score’) to reflect the relative financial impact of sub optimal fertility on each dairy herd.

League tables on Mastitis etc will follow.

Each herd can only be identified by the herd’s owner knowing his/her unique wernvets account number shown in each table.

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