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Good balanced nutrition is a major factor in maintaining healthy, fertile and productive farm animals.
Consequently we have become increasingly involved in formulating and assessing diets for our clients over the last decade.

Common Nutritional Problems We Encounter Are:

Clinical and sub-clinical ruminal dairy cows leading to poor milk quality, laminitis and lameness, poor fertility

Energy deficiencies in dairy and beef cows leading to poor fertility.

Inadequate dry matter intakes in dry dairy cows leading to displaced abomasums post calving

Unbalanced feeding of pregnant dairy and beef cows leading to milk fever, weak birth contractions, stillbirths, retained cleansings.

Magnesium deficiencies in dairy and beef cows leading to staggers

Trace element deficiencies in various animals leading to poor growth, poor fertility, susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Etc, etc.

In order to assess your diets we will require quite a lot of detail about how and what you feed.

To this end you can download and print the following sheets which when filled in will give the us a good idea of what you are feeding and enable us to input it into our own RUMNUT computer programme before visit and ‘ask’ the animals what they think of your ‘cooking’

The questionnaires below will open up a new window!

Wenvets Dairy Nutrition Questionnaire

Wenvets Beef Nutrition Questionnaire

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