Tubby Club for Pets

North Wales fat club for overweight pets

A TUBBY Club for podgy pets has been launched at a North Wales veterinary surgery.

Fat cats and dogs will put their pound-piling paws on the scales.

The initiative, which is running at the Wern outlets in Ruthin and Abergele provides free weight checks and advice for the owners of flabby felines and paunchy pooches.

It comes after the RSPCA discovered that half of dogs and cats in the UK are now overweight.

Owners’ unhealthy lifestyles are rubbing off on their pets, with an increasing number suffering from heart disease and diabetes.

Now more than ever, animals are most at risk of being pampered into bad health.

Veterinary nurse Gwen Edwards said: "As with people, obesity in our pets can cause heart problems, diabetes and aggravate disease such as arthritis, not to mention drastically reduce life expectancy.

"Each animal that joins the Tubby Club receives a free weight check and consultation where advice is given on diet and exercise." But it’s not just obese animals that get star treatment at the surgery.

Vaccinated dogs between 12 and 18 weeks can meet up at Puppy Parties to play, as part of a whole host of new schemes promoting pet health and integration.

There is even something for the older pet at Golden Oldies clinics which help monitor ageing animals.

The two-month "Fit For Life" campaign offers animal-lovers with older pets free healthy heart checks.

Mike Allen, senior surgeon and partner of Wern said: "Heart disease affects around 15% of dogs in the UK. The three most common signs are lack of energy, loss of appetite and coughing – especially at night. We’re running healthy heart check- ups to educate owners about the importance of health screening."

He added: "We are all becoming more aware of preventative healthcare checks for ourselves as we get older and the benefits we can gain from this - we can also offer these benefits to our pets."

Vet nurse Olive Semple, who runs clinics at Gele Vets said: "We appreciate that during this hard economic crisis that some family pets will be classed as a luxury, but they are part of the family.

"Our aim is to offer our clients and pets the opportunity to come and discuss any worries at no cost."

For more information call 01745 832113 or 01824 702445.

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