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Using information technology to make routine tasks and analysis of farm performance easier

We have been using INTERHERD for keeping and analysing our herd fertility visit records for the last six years.and for keeping our own farm records for the last six months

As our clients have become familiar with the programme around 20 of them have purchased their own copy of the programme and use it for BCMS registrations, Disease and Medicine Records, Milk recording etc. etc.

INTERHERD is an awesome programme with an immense potential at the farm and practice level. Its massive capability and numerous applications can make it quite daunting to first time users. However we are keen to use our knowledge and experience of running the programme to help any of our clients to get going with INTERHERD.

Indeed several of our clients that were virtually computer illiterate before purchasing it are now, after several months, using it for all their farm record keeping requirements and are finding that it saves time and duplication of record keeping.

For example they now only need to enter in births, purchases and sales on interherd once and these can be transferred to BCMS, and made available to us, the milk recorder, the farm assurance inspector, trading standards inspector and the accountant without the need for writing anything else down.

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