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Wern Vets have recently been approved as veterinary mentors for the Welsh Assembly Government’s Farming Connect service.

If you have an animal health problem that is affecting the profitability of your farm, it is possible for you to obtain one-to-one subsidised support / mentoring on veterinary advice for up to five days. Eligible farmers registered with Farming Connect can claim back 80% of the cost under the Whole Farm Plan service. We will be able to spend time looking at the situation, finding out why it occurs on your farm and hopefully devising a plan of action that will enable us to tackle the problem.

Such problems might include:

· Calf scour or pneumonia problems

· Mastitis or high somatic cell counts in a dairy herd

· Poor fertility in a beef or dairy herd or a sheep flock

· Specific recurrent health problems such as lameness in dairy herds and sheep flocks,

· High lamb mortality rates, poor rates of growth or fattening in lambs and beef cattle etc, etc

The list is almost endless, but essentially it includes any specific disease or animal health problem where tailored veterinary analysis, diagnosis and support may bring about improvements.

In order to apply for this funding, you will have to be registered with Farming Connect. (If you were previously registered with Farming Connect you will still need to re-register for the new programme.) If you have not registered since July 2008, please contact the Farming Connect service centre or we can help you complete the registration. Having done this, you need to contact us directly or fill in the attached form, outlining the problems with which you require our help.

In addition to providing subsidised veterinary advice under the Whole Farm Plan service, Farming Connect also provides 80% funding towards its Skills Development Programme and the Farm Advisory Service. This means you can seek support from other specialist mentors, who can deliver advice on topics such as environment, farm business management, agronomy and planning. Mentors can work together to identify a number of areas in order to tackle a problem from several angles.

If you would like further information on Farming Connect, call the Service Centre on 08456 000 813 or email:

Alternatively, contact Gwyneth / Bethan at Wern Vets on 01824 702445 or e-mail and we will register you for the scheme.

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