Worming Recommendations For Pigs

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It is recommended that pigs kept for fattening, breeding or even kept as pets should be wormed against gastro-intestinal roundworms routinely. Pigs that are kept outdoors should also be treated against lungworms.

Routine Treatment Of Adult Pigs

Routine treatment of adult pigs should be carried out every six months, and if possible either moved to clean pasture or their accommodation steam cleaned.

Growing Pigs

Growing pigs should be treated at 8 wks then every 2 months until maturity.

Sows and gilts should be treated 7-14 days before farrowing. Gilts should also be treated 7-14 days before going to the boar.

Choosing a Worming Treatment

Before choosing a worming product it is good practice to determine the pigs approximate weight. This can be done by using a specially designed pig weigh band or by using the following calculation:

LENGTH (inches) X GIRTH (inches) / (medium) 11 = weight of pig in pounds (lbs)

Length – measured from between ears to top of tail whilst pig standing.

Girth – measured behind front legs.

The dividing factor of 11 should be used for medium pigs but should be increased to 12 for lean pigs or decreased to 10 for fat pigs.

The pigs weight in kilos can be determined by dividing the weight in pounds by 2.2.

Doramectin 10mg/ml: Intramuscular injection at a rate of 300mcg/kg (1ml per 33kg) Indicated for all gastrointestinal round worms, lungworm, lice and mites. The product should be injected in the neck using 16-18gauge needle 2-2.5cm in length. Meat withdrawal: 56 days.

Ivermectin1%: Subcutaneous injection at a rate of 300mcg/kg (1ml per 33kg) Indicated for gastrointestinal round worms (except Trichuris) lice and mites. The product should be injected under the skin in the neck using 16-18 gauge needle ½” in length. Meat withdrawal: 28 days

Fenbendazole 100mg/ml: Oral preparation given at a rate of 5mg/kg (0.5ml per 10kg) divided over 7 days. Indicated for treatment of gastrointestinal round worms (except strongyloides) and lungworms. Can be given with food and/or diluted with water to increase volume. Meat withdrawal: 3days.

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